The Esoteric Order of Dagon




The Esoteric Order of Dagon is an occult order that work with Lovecraftian inspired Magick towards practical and initiatory ends. We use the symbolism found in “Lovecraftian Lore” for magickal initiatory and self transformative purposes. Our unique approach/methods to is described in the pdf file: MANIFESTO OF YOG-SOTHOTHERY and you can read even more about us on our about page: ABOUT THE ORDER
We have our own Gematria and Oracle deck and you can read more about it here: THE TEMPLE OF ABZU SYSTEM
Members can join us from any magickal background and with any belief about the mythos. They can combine for example Wicca or Thelema together with the pure Lovecraftian core system that we "teach".

"Are you the REAL E.O.D.?"

How does one define "REAL"? Keep in mind that the "Esoteric Order of Dagon" is a name from HPL's story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" (SOI) written in 1931 so there can be no such things as a "REAL EOD". Many groups have since adopted the name. Therefore there are several groups and pseudo-groups which have claimed the name over the years. Some of these are writer guilds and others are working with magick. We have no contact or affiliation with any of them. We're not in the business of debunking the legitimacy of any of them since we know ultimately the legitimacy of a magical order rests not in re-visioning history and other great claims, but in the work of its Initiates. We are what we are and have our own unique approach. You can read about our E.O.D. and how we came to be in detail on our HISTORY PAGE

"Is E.O.D. affiliated with any other occult groups or organizations?"

No. The Esoteric Order of Dagon is fully autonomous. We don't seek nor want to have any affiliation with any other group. We are following our own unique and very living Lovecraftian approach and want to let it evolve without outside influences.
We don't have anything against any other organizations or groups. We have the greatest of respect for every organization out there that can walk the talk. If a member is in other groups, they have to keep our material and the work within the E.O.D. secret and not share it outside the Order. Many of our members belong to other esoteric groups.
But E.O.D.. works alone. We let our Yog-Sothothery and the transformative energies of the Great Old Ones guide us towards something very unique and wonderful. This approach will enrich our world and slowly transform it into a stranger and more magickal place.

"Is E.O.D. connected to freemasonry?"

No. It’s clearly stated in SOI that the Esoteric Order of Dagon REPLACED Freemasonry altogether. E.O.D. is something completely different and much stranger. Thus we have nothing to do with Thelema, or other masonic influenced organisations.
(Because of this we don’t use the triangle of dots but instead a single dot when writing E.O.D.).

"Is E.O.D. a religion?"

No, we are a magickal order. In SOI the E.O.D. did not just replace Freemasonry, the Order also took over the local churches.
Members are free to believe whatever they want and get their inspiration from any sources as long as they understand and agree with E.O.D.'s Yog-Sothothian/Lovecraftian approach. Read our Manifesto for more details about Yog-Sothothery.
We do not worship the entities Lovecraft wrote about.

"Does the E.O.D. have a degree system?"

We have a degree system with both practical, and special degrees. It’s not uncommon to spend many years within some degrees. The practical degrees will guide the initiates along the Backward Path though the Abzu. They will dive deeper and deeper into the Night Sea and towards the final Black Pilgrimage.

This is a list of our practical degrees with their names in short form:

I* Disciple
II* Acolyte
III* Dreamer
IV* Wayfarer
V* Adept
VI* Arch Dreamer
VII* Pilgrim of the Abyss

There are also some special degrees that can be held together with a practical degree
For example:

Grand Master (GM)
The Grand Master provide various directions for the Order, approve degrees & offices and decide on other things, and is generally considered rather strange. The Grand Master molds the future of the E.O.D. and thus may alter the degrees and "teachings" of the E.O.D. at any time to suit his "vision".

Oracle of the Old Ones
Oracles are members who are allowed to speak in behalf of the E.O.D.. They are appointed by the Grand Master.
There are many more special degrees.

"What do members of the E.O.D. do?"

Our ways of working with Yog-Sothothery is described in the Manifesto. The main ones are Magickal Dreaming and Alien Atavism but other magickal methods are used too. In the waking state Art is of huge importance. Try to think about our “teachings” as a framework that takes the members through certain key initiatory experiences towards a goal (read more about this goal deeper in the Manifesto). We teach the Backward Path, a way to reunite with the Primordial within. Each member is encouraged to expand upon our core system because ultimately members should be able to work with things they are drawn too.
Because of this members can combine our core system with their own beliefs and magickal approach(for example wicca, thelema or whatever). We teach a system aimed to bring direct knowledge through gnosis. This mix of ways of working with this among our members will only make E.O.D. stronger and bring forth many interesting projects and creations.

Some areas members work with are:

Magickal Dreaming & Mapping the Dreamlands
Scrying the Other Dreamlands with our Oracle deck
Chthonic work & Categorizing the astral wildlife
Visiting our Astral Temples
Bringing back artifacts and pages from the Astral Necronomicon
Unveiling the secrets hidden in Lovecraft's work with our gematria
Researching Eldritch Lore
Manifesting the energies of the Old Ones through enigmatic Art.
Intercepting the ciphered messages of the Migo
Taking the Black Pilgrimage

"I’m an artist. What’s E.O.D..’s view on art?"

Those who work within the context of the world and creatures unearthed by Lovecraft invariably find that art in one form or another is often a great way to express the forces with which we work. Chances are if you feel a calling to us you have already awakened some sense of artistic expression within, hence we encourage those seeking membership to share examples of that expression with us even if it may not seem entirely mythos-related. The act of creation itself is a magickal act. Art is very important to us and artists can always find a home in the E.O.D..

"Do I need to have a magical background to join?"

Anyone who joins must have working experience in magick or related areas and of course familiarity and fascination in the mythos or it would make no sense to join. What we “teach” is Yog-Sothothery, our unique approach on Lovecraftian inspired magick.

"Is there any base requirements for becoming a member?"

Members should be in general agreement with what’s written in the Manifesto of Yog-Sothothery.

Members have to be of legal age. If someone younger approach us we have to turn them down. One idea is in that case to self initiate to the Sovereign Dagonist Degree (read more in the Manifesto) and then approach us again when turning 18.

Members also have to submit his/her full name and address for the membership record. Each members will take a magickal name to use within the Order and can be anonymous that way. Anonymity is important for the protection of each member.

Honorable and returning members do not pay for membership. The membership fee is 75$ for new members. This is a one time fee. This helps to pay for websites and other things like publications, mailing cost and so on. It also acts of sort of a “guard” or "gatekeeper" against people who are just interested with the association and not really into doing actual practical work. Included in this cost is the Temple of Abzu deck which is used within the Order. You can read more about the the deck and the gematria it's based upon here:

"How do I become a member?"

1. Read through everything on our site and pay especially attention to this FAQ and the Manifesto of Yog-Sothothery. That way you know how we work with Lovecraftian Magick in our core system. You will also know that we expect from members and that the membership fee for new members is 75$. You will understand that each member gets Degree Work that they have to complete before they get the next degree.

2. Send a email to [] and tell us about you, your magickal background, possible experience in magickal dreaming and so on. Also include your Facebook & other social media links & everything else you find relevant(for example examples of artwork if you have any or any strange/Lovecraftian dreams). This email will be important in our evaluation process so take your time writing it.

3. Wait for an answer. Someone will always contact you to let you know about the next step. It might take a few days for us to answer but we will ALWAYS reply. If you don't get an answer within a few days then please always check your spam folder before writing us again.

"What is required of your members once they join the E.O.D.?"

Members who join takes the three Oaths of Dagon during the initiation ritual.

1st: The Oath of Secrecy (and we are very secretive)
2nd: The Oath of Loyalty
3:rd The Oath to marry a Deep One and bear or sire its child ( What that means are explained in the Manifesto of Yog-Sothothery )
These Oaths are to be followed.

We are a very practical Order. Members get certain Order material depending on the degree and are expected to work with it.
They are also supposed to actively work with their own "strange angle" on the Mythos.

"Anything else I should know/think about?"

The Esoteric Order of Dagon could be looked on as the outward expression of the Eldritch energies of the Great Old Ones in this world. The inner work our members do will change them and by reflecting that change outwards the world will slowly transform and become stranger too. It's a really beautiful thing.