The Esoteric Order of Dagon



Here is the history of our Esoteric Order of Dagon. It really came together from two directions. There originally was an E.O.D. that started really early and mainly worked in the 60s/70s. This E.O.D. really got going when Zoltan K, who started the Esoteric Order of Dagon in Massachusetts in the 60s, got together with people from the Starry Wisdom Sect that Steven M and Juni McA had started in New Jersey. The people involved in this early E.O.D. were all well-educated and engaged in serious research of mythos themes and mythology, and they enjoyed sharing and working with their findings together in that early E.O.D. Later in the 80s, another organization that used the same name (that used the abbreviation E.'.O.'.D.'.) appeared. It that was heavily O.T.O. and Typhonian influenced. In the 90s, it was a schism in this E.'.O.'.D.'. about if it should merge with the T.O.T.O. as a lodge or not. Most members didn’t want that for two main reasons: 1. It would mean it would not remain a sovereign organization. 2. Many members who were part of other branches of the O.T.O. would not be able to remain as members. That led to a split, and our E.O.D. came from all the members who didn’t want to join with T.O.T.O. They severed all connections to the E.'.O.'.D.'. Then around 2000, we got a Grand Master (GM H.P. Ghoule) who also had connections with the much older E.O.D. from the 60s/70s (this old E.O.D. actually had some connections back to the remains of the original Lovecraft circle through Lin Carter). This led to them merging with our E.O.D. That is the history of how this E.O.D. came to be. But we don’t dwell on things from the past. We are our OWN thing. Since around 2000, we started going in a Lovecraftian direction and have now developed our OWN very unique system of doing things. We still have the deepest respect for other organizations that work with this from their own angles. We just want to do things in a Lovecraftian way. We don't assume we will fit the needs of everyone. We are what we are. You will either "get it" or not.

Remember, "Esoteric Order of Dagon" comes from H. P. Lovecraft. There is no such thing as the "REAL EOD". We are definitely not making that claim. Anyone saying that, thinking that, is delusional. All who use "Esoteric Order of Dagon" got the name from H. P. Lovecraft. The legitimacy of a magical order rests not in great claims but in the work of its Initiates. The only important thing is to DO real stuff. If other groups can "walk the walk" and "dream the dream", then more power to them, whatever name they wish to call themselves by.

We will continue doing our thing and put out more material and inspire people to work with this current as we have done since our re-emergence in 2022. We want this current to become strong and grow.

So our E.O.D. can trace its lineage back to that early E.O.D. from the 1960s-70s. At the beginning of the century, Frater H.P.Ghoule became the Grand Master(GM), and he retired(around 2003). Around 2005 Anuni Mskoseen became the Grand Master, and he initiated GM Nfagnir Krell and later GM Kraken, and they were running E.O.D together. After 2012 GM Kraken became the sole GM of E.O.D, and he then took the new name Grand Master Tornasuk. He run it until the last day of 2023 when he appointed GM Thalassica, the first woman having the position.
You can read more about us on our old site, which was the first proper E.O.D. site on the net.

A Deeper View on our Current:

By the simple minded the E.O.D is thought of as a debase, quasi-pagan thing, but we have a noble history. It is claimed by elder members that we came from the East. Our history can be traced back to ancient Babylon and Sumeria when our first initiates met the shape shifting marine creature Oannes when he emerged from the ocean and transmitted his stellar gnosis to them. Oannes was called Lord of the Waves, by the Babylonians, and was said to be amphibious, that is having the torso and head of a man with his bottom half resembling that of a fish, complete with scales. Some texts suggest he lived at the bottom of the Apsu/Abzu or Abyss in fresh water. It has also been said that he was the same entity as Enki or Ea. He is given credit by the Sumerians for giving civilization to man. The Philistines called him Dagon. Dagon is sometimes identified with Matsya, the fish avatar of Vishnu. Also the Indo-European root Vish is the same root that the word witch and the name Vishnu are both derived from. The root Vish has the sense of that what pervades. Vishnu pervades the world,where as sea witches pervade the night sea effecting all with their magick, therefore Vish and fish seem to reveal the phonetic cabalistic connection which connects our Order with the Elderitch Sea Witches which pervade the worlds coastlines and seas. A statue of Matsyaavtar/Dagon can be found at Keshava Temple at Somnathpur, India.

The existence of the E.O.D was scryed in the work called The Shadow Over Innsmouth by the dark visionary Howard Phillips Lovecraft, born in in Providence, Rhode Island, August 20th 1890 and Left His Body/Took Mahaasamadhi on March 15th in poverty and obscurity,1937.He was a sickly, precocious child whose parents died insane. From 1908 to 1923 he eked out a living from occasional stories in magazines such as Weird Tales. His storys never earned him much, but decades after his passing, with the greater chasm of the void of meaninglessness of modern life yawning ever wider threatening to swallow all, with civilization leaping head long into the abyss having lost all sanity, Lovecraft's work began to receive serious attention from the science and ecclesiastical communities. His tales tell of ghoul changelings, beautiful evil, thought transference of alien beings from the deep past, multidemensional worlds in which time and space dislocate. Not only has his work influenced occultists, fantasy writters, and is considered by many to be the very precursor to modern science fiction, but many versions of the E.O.D. whose presence is first revealed in the Shadow Over Innsmouth has spawned many hideous imitators of the Cult. Dagon Rite Masonry has existed from the earliest establishing of the Craft in the American Colonies. And in New England there was a degenerate and decadent group called the Dagonists in the late 1700s. The Muraya, aquatic shamans on the Upper Amazons, have rites involving swiming down to the gateway at the bottom of the watery underworld and passing beyond Abyss...We are everywhere!